About Robby O

Robby O. is a rabid cinephile. He has made film-related writing contributions to Centerfuse.net and TLAvideo.com. He also gets to watch tons and tons of gay shorts throughout the year for Philadelphia QFest.

He likes his movies dark, his boys light and his coffee somewhere in the middle. He is also very proud to maintain one of the strangest and most varied IPod music libraries that you’re likely to come across.

Favorite gay flicks: Fox & His Friends, My Own Private Idaho, and Urbania.

Favorite gay books: Queer, Querelle, and Before Night Falls.

Second gayest thing he’s done in bed with another man: Watched Mamma Mia! (on a projector, in surround sound) with the sing-along track on. Can you guess what the first gayest thing I ever did was?